1, Jacuzzi/Herbal Bath 15 min – 580.000VND

Red Dao baths may have 10 or more ingredients, including rare plant. Common usde ingredi-ents Stems and leaves are chopped, dried in the sun, and boiled for hours over a fire to produce a sweet-smelling, wine-red mixture.I’ts not just what goes into the tub that matters: the tub also plays a role. Bathing tubs are made by hand from Pơ mu -a type of crypress wood – that add a grounding fragrance to the hot water.

Function: Finally , there’s nothing left to do but sink into the steaming, foamy water and relax. you might like to use a scooper to pour warm water over your back and shoulders, scrub your skin with leaves or a washcloth, or simply lie back and feel the bath work its magic.

The secret ingredient for joint pain treatment health recovery body detoxification, it also helps postpartum women recovery faster, people who have skin allergies, ulcers, paresthesia and insomia.

2, Herbal Steam 15 min – 380.000VND

3, Nourishing Shampoo Therapy 60 min- 880.000 VND

Nourishing hair shampoo is a popular method chosen by everyone today thanks to the nourish-ing massage and natural herbs. This technique gives people a feeling of relaxation, eliminates fatigue, eliminates dandruff and fungal diseases on the scalp, and brings shiny and fragrant herbal hair.

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